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Our commitment to portfolio design and management excellence is exceeded only by the value and commitment we place on the long term relationships we build with our clients. 
                                                                         Jim Flower
Strategic Asset Management, Inc.
is a Registered Investment Advisory firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.  Established in 1981, the firm’s principals, James S. Flower and Richard D. Kell, have over 70 years of collective investment experience.  We manage investment accounts for individuals and institutions by customizing their portfolio risk profile and then adjusting to favorable and unfavorable market trends.  Over decades, we have developed a specialty in preserving capital during significant market downturns.

We are…

Dedicated - We are dedicated to providing the finest investment advisory services available anywhere.  Our only business is the design, implementation, and ongoing management of our clients’ investment portfolios.  Each portfolio, large or small, is tailored to meet the client’s specific needs.  Our objective is to provide a very high level of service and performance while eliminating the need for our clients to spend time and energy on their investment portfolios.

Independent – We operate on a totally independent basis from brokerage firms, mutual fund companies, insurance companies, etc.  As such, our only allegiance is to our clients.  We are not prejudiced to include any particular type of investment or strategy in their investment portfolios.  In other words… no production quotas and nobody telling us what has to go into our clients’ portfolios.

Unbiased – We are compensated by client investment advisory fees, charged as a percentage of the assets under management.  Therefore, our investment management decisions are objective.  The client’s investment success is our only concern.  We consider our relationship with our clients as similar to a partnership.

Personal – We pride ourselves on giving each account our most insightful advice.  Each account is personally handled by one of our principals.  All decisions are made by your representative so if you have a question you will be talking directly to the person who makes the decisions and is responsible for the results.  This is quite different from a large firm where most of the research, management, decisions, and execution are farmed out to a home office or even other management firms.

Responsive – Unlike most firms, we have the ability to react quickly to changing economic and market conditions, if necessary.  This ability is possible because of the nature of our client relationship, our technological trading capabilities, and the fact that we control the size the asset base we manage.  When it comes to making portfolio adjustments and trading, we believe smaller firms have a significant advantage.  Think of it like this, if you had to change directions quickly, would you rather be on an ocean liner or a 30 foot jet boat.  It is the same for the investment industry.

Risk Conscious – Adjusted for the client’s individual risk tolerance, all investments and management strategies are carefully chosen to meet our top priority…. preservation of capital.

Experienced – As advisors, researchers, and managers of investment accounts for over 35 years, we have personally experienced just about every type of market.  We believe the value of experience cannot be underestimated. 

Most importantly, we have…

Integrity – We pride ourselves on consistency of values, ethics, principles, expectations, and outcomes.  We believe a successful, long-term client relationship requires us to place the interests of our clients ahead of our own.

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